Steve Greye

Steve Greye

Digital Photographer

I have lived in South Florida since 1966 and have seen many changes; not only in the land but the people as well. My family were Immigrants. Only my father spoke English. My brothers and I were young and were able to learn quickly making it easy for us to be accepted by peers. My mother, however, kept her heavy accent.
I grew up with art; the sun and sky of South Florida an ever changing back drop to my growing creative mind. Unlike the lands we had left behind in the North there were always color here. It will always be a colorful vibrant place to me with many wonderful things to do and see. Inspiration is boundless.
As an artist I have chosen the Digital Medium, with its many options, to express myself. Although still my passion, over the years my art has expanded from standard and large sized framed photographic prints to the creation of home and patio decor. I have created custom fabrics, the usage of which is only limited by your imagination. Home decor items include linens for the bedrooms such as sheets, pillow cases and curtains. Home decor continues to the bathroom with towels, bathmats, shower curtains and more. I couldn't leave out the kitchen, the heart of every home. I have beautiful cutting boards and place mats to brighten up the most used room. Liven up your patio and yard with gorgeous iridescent metal prints which come in various sizes and shapes and last forever in most any environment.

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