Alternate Realities by: Larry Levine a Solo Exhibition (CLOSED)

Art & Sol Studios would like to present to you Photographer Larry Levine, and his unique series of paintings that were created with extreme technique and attention to detail. His skill goes without say, however these beautiful images take you to a world in which you are forced to ask yourself questions. Who? What? and Why?

Join us during his Opening Reception November 14th, 7pm-9pm and view  this never before seen collection of "Alternate Realities" these thought provoking images will be on display at Art & Sol Studios for 2 weeks.


Full Exhibition Dates: November 14-November 25


"When Female stories are muted, we are teaching children that dignity is second class and the historical counts of their lives less relevant. This lowered value  carries over when women face sexual objectification and systematic brutalization from inside and outside the community' -Aurin Squire


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